Affiliate Theme 2.0

After a 2 year hiatus, Affiliate Theme 2.0 is being released. Here’s the preview video.

There a couple of main new features of Affiliate Theme 2.0.

First, Affiliate Theme 2.0 now introduces the concept of Niche Skins, which are essentially WordPress child themes. This allows you to completely customize the look of your site based on your chosen niche.

Affiliate Theme will come with 5 niche skins.

Second, is the Affiliate Marketplace. This is where you can buy and sell Niche skins. As the developer community around Affiliate Theme develops, hopefully you will find a wide variety of niche skins to choose from.

The Affiliate Theme control panel has also been redesigned from the ground up.

Purchasing Affiliate Theme 2.0

Affiliate Theme 2.0 can be installed on an unlimited number of sites no matter which package you choose. The Standard package is $127 and the Premium package, which comes with an additional 50 header graphics will cost $197.

If you are a previous Affiliate Theme owner, then you can upgrade to the new version for $49. Unless you have purchased within 60 days, in which case you can get it for free.

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  1. Ron

    Wow, I’ve never seen such an uninspired launch as Affiliate Theme 2.0. The only notable change is niche skins…really? An Affiliate Marketplace that launches with 0 additional skins? What a joke.

    At the time the original Affiliate Theme launched, at least the concept was somewhat original. Now we get a relaunch of basically the same rehashed theme with a minor facelift. Plus they have the audacity to charge existing users an upgrade fee even though the previous Affiliate Theme 1.0 license promised unlimited lifetime updates.

    By the way, I checked out the support forums and there is like one new post since the end of October and not a single post talking about Affiliate Theme 2.0 since the launch a couple of days ago. The only person promoting it seems to be John Chow and I almost fell asleep from his lazy and uninteresting review.

  2. Patrick

    Agree with Ron. Total fail!

    They already lowed their prices within a week. It’s now $77 for Standard Package (previously $127) and $97 for the Premium package (previously $197). Still overpriced, but not as laughable as before.

  3. Ben

    No Kidding – thought I was missing something! I too thought that I was entitled to lifetime upgrades. Plus I’m having a hard time justifying the upgrade price. In other words I don’t think it is even worth $49.00!

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