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Thesis Theme gets all the hype, but I’ve discovered another premium wordpress theme called Frugal Theme that looks great and is very powerful. It was developed by Eric Hamm who has done a great job with developing this theme. For non programmers, Frugal Theme is very easy to use and you can change the look of your blog very easily without any coding necessary on your part. Everything can be customized within the powerful option menus inside your WordPress control panel. Below is my Frugal Theme review.

Here are some of my favorite Frugal Theme Features:

Easy to replace headers. With Thesis Theme, you have to do some hand coding to replace the header with your own custom logo or graphic. With Frugal Theme, it’s just a matter of uploading your own image and selecting it in the control panel.

Tons of Control. Frugal Theme is jam packed with customization options. It has 6 different option pages that let you basically tweak any part of the theme to achieve the look you want. Layout, fonts, colors, borders you name it can be tweaked and modified. When you first look at all these options, you may be a little overwhelmed. However Eric has done an excellent job with providing a comprehensive set of training videos and a manual to explain what everything does. You can also refer to the inline help as well next to each option. All this means is that Frugal Theme is completely customizable from within your WP control panel and no coding is required at all.

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SEO Friendly. Frugal Theme comes with all the SEO options you’d expect from a premium WordPress theme. You have control over your individual post titles as well and a host of other SEO options that will make sure your blog is indexed properly and ranks well in the search engines.

Completely Customize Look and Feel. Don’t like the standard Frugal Theme look? Well you can completely change the look and feel of your blog using one of the available Frugal Theme skins. There are both free and premium Frugal skins available which allow you to make your theme as unique as you want it. Check out the famous ZenHabits blog which uses a heavily customized install of Frugal Theme.

Snapshots of your changes. This is a unique feature of Frugal Theme. What’s cool is that the theme will save a snapshot of your settings each time you make any changes to it. So if you make a mistake that’s no problem at all. Just look at the snapshot history and restore your theme settings to any previous point in time.

So how does Frugal Theme stack up versus Thesis Theme? Quite well actually. I think they are both quite comparable to each other with Frugal Theme being a little easier to use for non-programmers. It doesn’t have the community that Thesis does, but Eric and his team are consistently improving and packing each new version with great new features. Frugal Theme 3.5 is the latest version, and it’s already compatible with the soon to be released WordPress 3.0. Both Frugal and Thesis are excellent premium WordPress themes, so I would encourage you to look at both before you decide to buy. A personal basic license (for one domain) of Frugal Theme is $89 and the developer option (multiple domains) is $169. Definitely give Frugal Theme a look if you are looking for a clean, super flexible, premium WordPress Theme.

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